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Over 30 Years’ Experience

There are lots of people who have experienced cavity wall installations, who have observed no problems along with internal dampness or even wall tie deterioration, and have experienced increased amounts of comfort and reduce fuel bills.

Unfortunately there’s also people who have suffered serious difficulties, and who have discovered it very hard – or impossible – to get these problems accepted and rectified.

CavExtract UK Ltd were one of the first BBA Accredited Cavity Cleaning Company, with over 30 years’ experience within the Cavity Wall Insulation Industry, working with all the major Utilities and governing bodies.

We work towards removing old, defective, damaged insulation from properties that have issues following several causes :

  • Damage caused by flooding or fires
  • Failed damp proof course.
  • Home improvements EG new windows and doors, resulting in insulation escaping/being removed.
  • Incorrectly installed insulation. IE walls not properly filled leaving voids.
  • Poor property maintenance. IE not adequately maintaining guttering, or letting the external walls fall into a bad state of repair.
  • The property wasn’t suitable for insulation. Such as, rubble in the cavity, timber framed.
  • The wrong type of insulation material used for the property location. Certain properties, especially coastal, are not always suitable for every type of insulation.

Our team of qualified Surveyors and Engineers work hard to ensure that each extraction undertaken is completed to the highest standards possible.


CavExtract cover large areas of the UK including:

» Birmingham
» Bolton
» Burnley
» Bury
» Cardiff
» Carlisle
» Cheshire
» Edinburgh
» Exeter
» Glasgow
» Leeds
» London
» Manchester
» Newcastle
» Oldham
» Rochdale
» Stockport
» Warrington
» Wigan
Cav Extracts UK Ltd Case Studies
Cav Extracts UK Ltd Case Studies
Cav Extracts UK Ltd Case Studies