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Why Do Cavity Wall Extractions From Cav Extract UK Ltd

Cavity wall insulation is a sensible way to keep your house warm and also cut your energy bills, but you will discover instances in which cavity walls insulation may be installed erroneously, in the wrong property kind, or it should be removed due to unforeseen situations.

Here we are going to first go over situations where you may have to remove the actual insulation, and secondly we are going to discuss how this can be done.

Reasons for removal of cavity insulation:


Whenever cavity walls insulation very first began a number of decades back, a particular kind of foam had been used which gradually stops working through the years, releasing the toxic Urea-formaldehyde gasoline. If you’ve got this kind of insulation, it might have health and fitness implications as well as cause damp since the foam degrades.

Modern requirements mean this kind of insulation isn’t any longer set up, so you’ve nothing to be worried about if you’re installing insulation nowadays.

Wrong property kind for insulating material

Some properties in the UK are not suited to be insulated for example timber framed buildings or properties built with porous stones. Unfortunately many in the UK have been insulated and those owners are now faced in removing the insulation. The problem with fibre or foam is that once it becomes wet, it is virtually impossible to dry out without causing other issues in the property such as efflorescence and damp spots on the inner leaf.

In some instances, an alternative insulation might be recommended, however in other instances, it might be best to not insulate the actual cavity, and options like exterior wall insulation might be preferred.

Water Overflow or Fire Harm to Insulation

When the insulation will get wet or else damaged through an unexpected event such as flooding, the insulation should be removed. An example may be where water tank bursts or even where there’s a chimney flames. Here, replacement insulation will probably be recommended when the insulation is removed and the cavity is completely dried.

Badly installed Insulating material

When the insulation may be installed badly, there could be gaps in which the insulation hasn’t reached. Poorly installed cavity wall insulation, installed with an incorrect drilling pattern or at the wrong density can result in damp and condensation issues.

How could you remove cavity wall insulations?

It’s currently feasible to extract a variety of insulation kinds, including nutrient fibre, broadened polystyrene, as well as urea formaldehyde. Typically this really is done through drilling back through the holes which were used with regard to installation initially. A strong vacuum machine can be used to pull the insulation from the cavity, and also the old insulations are bagged and taken away from the home.

In a few instances, in which the finish from the wall is actually of issue, bricks should be changed, or rending put right, which will obviously add additional cost towards the job.


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Cav Extracts UK Ltd Case Studies
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